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Welcome to the very first addition of our newsletter and the informational platform where we will be sharing a plethora of content with you. Relevant news, interesting and informative articles, interspersed with some required humour, sprinkled and woven together by unity that resides within People Power Outsourcing 88.

Firstly, none of these words would even be appearing on paper or in print, if it was not for the commitment, mental tenacity and creative abilities that the collaboration of a few individuals made. Individuals who are highly trained, skilled and experienced decided to take the path less travelled. These individuals are prepared to put themselves on the line, be held accountable, show up and foremost be pioneers in an industry that needs radical change.

BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD. The famous words of Mahatma Gandhi who inspired civil rights and freedom across the world. This is a cornerstone of the foundation on which People Power Outsourcing is built, and as a company, this is the ethos and motivation that propels us forward.

To my incredible team, I salute you. Thank you for having the courage to embark on this journey with me. May we sail smoothly across the rough seas, find sanctuary and safety in the harbour and always be guided by our inner lighthouse to have the passion to be pioneers, have faith over fear, and always trusting in authenticity and transparency to be our constant compass. Our True North.

For more information relating to our team, our social development and empowerment projects, as well as our company initiatives, keep in touch via our Instagram, Facebook or website.

From the lighthouse


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